JUST IN: ANC Give Another Update On Jacob Zuma Disciplinary Hearing


Date: May 2024

The African National Congress (ANC) has clarified that the disciplinary hearing against former President Jacob Zuma, initially scheduled for Tuesday, May 7, will proceed as planned. However, due to prevailing circumstances, the hearing will take place virtually instead of in-person, as announced in a statement by the ANC.

The decision to conduct the hearing virtually reflects the ongoing efforts to adapt to the challenges posed by the current situation. By opting for a virtual format, the ANC aims to ensure that the disciplinary process remains on track while adhering to safety protocols and minimizing the risks associated with physical gatherings.

Former President Jacob Zuma, a prominent figure within the ANC, faces disciplinary action from the party. The hearing represents a significant step in addressing the allegations and concerns surrounding Zuma’s conduct during his tenure as president and subsequent actions.

The virtual format allows for effective participation from all relevant parties, including legal representatives and witnesses, while maintaining the necessary social distancing protocols. The ANC’s commitment to conducting the hearing demonstrates its dedication to upholding internal disciplinary procedures and ensuring accountability within its ranks.

As the proceedings unfold, it is expected that the ANC will diligently assess the evidence and arguments presented before making a decision based on the merits of the case. The outcome of the disciplinary hearing may have far-reaching implications for Zuma’s future involvement in ANC activities and his standing within the party.

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