Malema: Zimbabweans Have Taken Over Companies In South Africa


Julius Malema, a prominent South African politician and leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), responded to claims that Zimbabweans are taking jobs in South Africa.

Malema questioned the validity of such claims, challenging those who make such assertions to provide evidence of factories that have opened in the last six years and hired Zimbabwean workers, stating that his party would personally remove them if proven true. He further argued that factories are closing down in South Africa.

Malema’s comments highlight the ongoing debate and concerns regarding employment and the role of foreign workers in South Africa. His remarks suggest skepticism towards the narrative that Zimbabweans are taking jobs from South Africans, emphasizing the need for concrete evidence to support such claims.

Additionally, Malema pointed out the issue of factory closures in South Africa, indicating that this is an equally significant concern. The closure of factories can have adverse effects on employment opportunities and the overall economy. Malema’s statement suggests a broader focus on addressing the challenges faced by the manufacturing sector in the country.

The remarks made by Malema are likely to fuel discussions and debates on immigration policies, job creation, and the state of the manufacturing industry in South Africa. The issue of employment and the impact of foreign workers on the job market remains a complex and multifaceted topic, requiring careful consideration and analysis.

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