Cyril Most Trusted Ally Dumped Party To Join This Party


In a surprising turn of events, Mamba Zulu, the former ward councillor of the African National Congress (ANC) representing Ward 27 in Gamalakhe township under the Ray Nkonyeni local municipality, has officially left the ANC and joined the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP). Zulu’s defection was announced and celebrated during the IFP’s rally held today at Sayidi.

Zulu, who had been a prominent figure within the ANC, made the decision to switch parties, indicating a significant shift in his political allegiance. The reasons behind his departure from the ANC and his subsequent alignment with the IFP are yet to be fully disclosed.

During the IFP’s rally at Sayidi, Zulu was warmly welcomed and officially unveiled as a new member of the party. The event served as a platform for party leaders and supporters to express their enthusiasm and solidarity with Zulu’s decision, highlighting the potential impact of his defection on local politics.

Zulu’s move to the IFP could have implications for local governance and political dynamics in the Ray Nkonyeni municipality. As a former ward councillor, Zulu’s switch of parties may influence voter sentiment and potentially reshape the balance of power within Ward 27.

Both the ANC and IFP are significant political parties in South Africa, and Zulu’s defection adds an intriguing element to the political landscape. The development will likely be closely monitored by political analysts and observers, as it may signal broader shifts in political support and party dynamics in the region.

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