Mbeki highlights his relationship with Cyril and Zuma, Look What He Said


The statements attributed to Thabo Mbeki express his support for the African National Congress (ANC) party’s actions in dealing with Jacob Zuma, a former president of South Africa. Mbeki criticizes Zuma’s behavior, describing it as unacceptable and a breach of the ANC’s constitution. He emphasizes that the ANC should not hesitate or delay in addressing the situation, even if it means losing some votes to Zuma.

Mbeki also highlights his positive relationship with Cyril Ramaphosa, the current president of South Africa, while distancing himself from Zuma, whom he refers to as a “crook from Nkandla.” These statements suggest a clear disapproval of Zuma’s actions and a preference for the ANC to take a strong stance against him.

It is important to note that these statements reflect Mbeki’s personal opinion and perspective on the matter. Different individuals within the ANC and the broader South African political landscape may hold varying viewpoints on the handling of Jacob Zuma’s actions and his relationship with the party.

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