Former ANC Deputy President David Mabuza Encourages Voting on Party Campaign Trail


Former ANC Deputy President, David Mabuza, recently joined the party’s campaign trail in Olivensbosch, where he addressed supporters and encouraged them to exercise their voting rights. Mabuza, who has been absent from the political arena for a period due to health concerns, expressed his well-being, stating that he has been working towards regaining his energy.

During his speech, Mabuza acknowledged that mistakes had been made in the past, but emphasized the importance of moving forward and continuing the party’s mission. He highlighted the need for unity and perseverance, acknowledging that there have been both successes and failures within the ANC.

Mabuza’s presence on the campaign trail serves as a significant endorsement for the ANC, as he holds influence and has a history of leadership within the party. His call for supporters to vote reflects the party’s efforts to mobilize its base and increase voter turnout.

As the campaign season progresses, Mabuza’s message is likely to resonate with ANC supporters, who may see his return to active participation as a sign of stability and continuity within the party. The ANC will continue to address its past shortcomings while promoting its vision for a better future.

The upcoming election presents an opportunity for the ANC to reaffirm its standing and gain the support needed to pursue its policies and initiatives. Voter turnout and the outcome of the election will ultimately shape the future trajectory of the party.

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