“We Fraudulently Obtained Names and Phone Numbers from a Database” – MK Party’s Former Member Exposes Zuma & Party


Lennox Ntsondo, a former member of the MK Party, has come forward with a shocking confession. Ntsondo has admitted to the fraudulent acquisition of personal data for political gain, tarnishing the reputation of the party and exposing a deeply troubling breach of trust.According to Ntsondo’s confession, the MK Party resorted to unethical and deceitful practices in their pursuit of signatures. Faced with mounting pressure to meet the submission requirements, party members callously obtained the names, identity numbers, and cellphone numbers of jobseekers from the database of the Cape Metro Council. Furthermore, they shamelessly acquired personal details of members belonging to a funeral association.Driven by their insatiable hunger for power and electoral recognition, the MK Party engaged in a reprehensible act of forgery. Party members convened, sharing the ill-gotten database amongst themselves, and proceeded to forge the signature of each individual.

This manipulated list was then deceitfully submitted to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), compromising the very essence of the democratic process.In a bold display of integrity, Ntsondo has expressed his willingness to serve as a witness if the leaders of the MK Party are held accountable and prosecuted for their involvement in this scandalous affair. This courageous stance underscores the gravity of the situation and highlights the urgent need for justice to prevail.The fraudulent acquisition of personal data without the consent of individuals is a severe violation of privacy and a direct assault on their rights. It erodes the foundation of trust upon which democratic societies are built and undermines the principles of fair competition and transparency. The ramifications of this scandal extend far beyond the MK Party itself. It raises serious concerns about the integrity of the South African political landscape and the measures in place to safeguard the democratic process.

The Independent Electoral Commission must conduct a thorough investigation into this matter, ensuring that the authenticity and legitimacy of all signatures are rigorously verified to restore faith in the electoral system.This shocking revelation serves as a clarion call for stricter regulations surrounding the handling and protection of personal data. Political parties and organizations must be held to the highest ethical standards, ensuring that personal information is obtained through lawful means and with full consent.As citizens, we have a responsibility to demand accountability and transparency from our political leaders. The willingness of Ntsondo to act as a witness demonstrates the importance of holding those responsible for their actions and reinforcing the values of honesty, integrity, and respect for the democratic process.

In conclusion, Lennox Ntsondo’s confession regarding the MK Party’s fraudulent acquisition of personal data for political gain has sent shockwaves through South African politics. This scandalous episode strikes at the heart of democratic principles, compromising the trust of the electorate and tarnishing the reputation of the party involved. It is imperative that a thorough investigation takes place and that those responsible are brought to justice, ensuring the preservation of the democratic ideals that underpin our society.

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