“Former President Thabo Mbeki Was Kicked Out Of The ANC Like A Dog & It Is Time For Zuma” : Fikile Mbalula Spits Fire


Johannesburg, South Africa – Fikile Mbalula, a prominent figure within the African National Congress (ANC), has voiced his strong stance on the issue of former President Jacob Zuma’s continued influence within the party.

In a recent statement, Mbalula emphasized the need for Zuma to step away from the ANC and criticized his alleged betrayal of the organization’s principles.Mbalula’s remarks came during a public address where he highlighted the importance of loyalty and commitment to the ANC. Referring to Zuma’s reported statements urging people to follow the MK Party and his famous “Umshini wami” slogan, Mbalula expressed his belief that it is time for the former president to sever his ties with the ANC.”Jacob Zuma is busy saying to people, ‘follow the MK Party, Umshini wami,'” Mbalula stated, as he called for Zuma’s departure from the ANC.

The reference to the MK Party, which stands for uMkhonto we Sizwe (Spear of the Nation), the ANC’s former armed wing, suggests a potential split or division within the party.Mbalula further drew comparisons between Zuma and former President Thabo Mbeki, noting that while Mbeki was also removed from the ANC, he remained loyal to the organization and did not betray its values.

Mbalula’s remarks reflect a sentiment that loyalty and commitment are vital characteristics that should be upheld by ANC members, particularly those who have held prominent positions within the party.The call for Zuma’s departure from the ANC is indicative of the ongoing internal divisions within the party.

The influence and actions of prominent figures like Zuma have been a subject of controversy and debate, with some advocating for a departure from the party to ensure a fresh start and renewed focus on the ANC’s core principles.Fikile Mbalula’s remarks, although representing his personal opinion, carry weight within the ANC and are likely to contribute to the ongoing discussions surrounding Zuma’s role within the party. The ANC has historically valued internal debate and differing opinions as part of its democratic processes.

As the ANC continues to navigate its path forward, the statements made by Mbalula highlight the importance of unity, loyalty, and adherence to the principles that have guided the party throughout its history. The ANC’s ability to reconcile differences and maintain its core values will be crucial in shaping its future trajectory.

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