CEO Magda Wierzycka Expresses Regret Over Support for Zuma, Calls for Unity Under Cyril’s Leadership


Sygnia CEO Magda Wierzycka expressed her regret over supporting the removal of former President Jacob Zuma and her previous endorsement of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s campaign, known as CR17. The conversation highlighted concerns over the current state of South Africa under Ramaphosa’s leadership and the impact on businesses in the country.

The exchange between Wierzycka and a social media user named Leanne revealed a shift in Wierzycka’s perspective. Wierzycka admitted to regretting her previous stance and expressed a desire for early elections to be held in 2023. This change in sentiment suggests a growing dissatisfaction with the current political landscape and the performance of President Ramaphosa.

When questioned about the relative silence of the business sector on political matters, Wierzycka attributed it to the challenges businesses face, particularly the impact of load shedding—a scheduled power outage due to electricity supply shortages. Wierzycka also mentioned that as the owner of her company and without reliance on government contracts, she feels more liberated to express her views openly.

Wierzycka’s comments reflect a sentiment among some business leaders who may be concerned about the overall economic environment and its impact on their operations. The discussion also underscores the delicate balance that CEOs often navigate when it comes to engaging in political discourse, particularly in countries where political stability and policy decisions can significantly affect business outcomes.

While this social media exchange provides insight into Wierzycka’s personal opinions, it is important to note that it represents a specific viewpoint and may not reflect the perspectives of all business leaders or stakeholders in South Africa.

Discussions surrounding the performance of political leaders, such as President Ramaphosa, are part of the broader dialogue necessary for a healthy democracy. These conversations not only shed light on public sentiment but also highlight the challenges and expectations faced by government officials in addressing the concerns of various stakeholders.

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