Mbeki Questions Zuma’s Role in Undermining SARS, Calls Him a “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing


Former South African President Thabo Mbeki has raised concerns over former President Jacob Zuma’s involvement in attempts to render the South African Revenue Service (SARS) ineffective. Mbeki emphasized that SARS plays a crucial role in generating the majority of the government’s revenue, making it essential for the government to fulfill its responsibilities.

During a discussion, Mbeki expressed his perplexity at Zuma’s actions, asking why the head of government would participate in a process that undermines the very revenues necessary for effective governance, potentially leading to the collapse of the government itself. Mbeki described this situation as a challenging conundrum that warrants an explanation.

Mbeki suggested that the only plausible explanation for Zuma’s actions is that he is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” This metaphorical characterization implies that Zuma outwardly portrays himself as benign or harmless but is, in reality, working against the interests of the government and the country. According to Mbeki, this logic leads to the conclusion that Zuma’s involvement in efforts to dismantle SARS should not come as a surprise, as it aligns with his role as part of a counterrevolutionary force.Mbeki acknowledged that this deduction might be difficult to comprehend, but he emphasized that it represents a logical interpretation of the situation.

He concluded by stating that time will reveal whether this deduction accurately reflects the reality of the circumstances. The remarks made by Mbeki shed light on the ongoing controversies surrounding the alleged efforts to undermine SARS during Zuma’s presidency. The effective functioning of SARS is crucial not only for revenue generation but also for maintaining the integrity of the tax system and combating corruption.

It is important to note that these statements reflect Mbeki’s perspective and interpretation of the situation. The complexities surrounding the alleged actions and motivations of individuals involved in the matter require thorough investigation and legal processes to establish the full truth.

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