Londie London did not bring up the issue of polygamy in her marriage


It’s a known fact that Londie London, a popular personality from the Housewives show’s second season on Mzansi Magic, has been living a glamorous life. Among the cast members, Londie London stood out, capturing the attention of viewers.

However, recent revelations have debunked the claims of polygamy in her marriage and shed light on a different matter altogether. The focus now centers around DNA tests, adding a new layer of intrigue to this ongoing saga.

False Claims of Polygamy

Initially, it was reported that Londie London’s husband expressed his desire to take a second wife. This revelation stirred up significant controversy and speculation surrounding their relationship.

Fans of the show were taken aback, wondering how this revelation would impact Londie London’s life and career. However, as the truth unraveled, it became clear that the issue at hand was far from what was initially believed.

Hlubi Nkosi’s DNA Test

Amidst the gossip and rumors, Hlubi Nkosi, Londie London’s husband, made a surprising decision to pursue DNA tests for their children.

Speculation about the paternity of their first child arose, leading to further confusion and tension. The news of Nkosi seeking DNA results surfaced in January of this year, intensifying the public’s curiosity about the truth behind their relationship and the children’s parentage.

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