Is The Drama Really The Reason Why Christine Quinn Left Selling Sunset?


Considering all the scandals, it isn’t too hard to imagine that “that stuff” might refer to certain moments of drama in the office.

After five sizzling seasons on the hit reality show Selling Sunset, fans were left wondering what drove Christine Quinn to call it quits. While official statements mention various reasons, there are whispers of a hidden truth lurking beneath the surface – the drama in the office.

Drama in the Workplace

During the last season, Christine Quinn took part in tensions in the workplace which might have reportedly played a significant role in her decision to step away. Allegedly, clashes between her and fellow cast members Emma Hernan and Chrishell Stause added fuel to the fire, leading to some heated confrontations.

Office politics can be a real buzzkill, even for reality TV stars! To add to the intrigue, Christine Quinn allegedly even stopped showing up at the office altogether, fueling speculation that the atmosphere had become too toxic for her taste. At some point, she even stated that she was “annoyed” over ex drama on the show.

Could this be the real reason behind her exit? While we can’t confirm the extent of the drama or the precise details of Christine’s decision, one thing is for sure – Selling Sunset won’t be the same without her signature style and fiery presence.

Christine Quinn Was Part Of The Cast For Five Seasons

Love her or hate her, Christine Quinn has undeniably made her mark on the hit Netflix reality series Selling Sunset. Known for her villainous persona, Quinn has kept viewers on the edge of their seats with her dramatic antics and jaw-dropping revelations. But what’s the truth behind her infamous reputation and her role in the show?

With rumors swirling about a potential changing of the guard, fans have been questioning for some time if Christine’s reign as the show’s ultimate villain was coming to an end.

Despite her legal troubles and allegations of faking COVID to dodge the reunion, Quinn remains a captivating figure, leaving fans intrigued about her future on the series.

Even Though She Left, She Was One Of The Richest Members

Adding fuel to the fire, Quinn made the bold claim that she was the highest-paid member of the Selling Sunset cast. Naturally, this statement had fans raising their eyebrows. So, what’s the real story behind the realtor’s salary?

Quinn’s estimated net worth stands at $1.5 million, which pales in comparison to some of her former co-stars. Interestingly, Quinn even outshone her former BFF, Mary Fitzgerald, whose net worth is estimated at $1 million.

Although Quinn didn’t disclose the exact figures of her salary, reports suggest that she ranks as the second-highest earner within the brokerage. In seasons one through three, she sold an impressive $37,080,000 worth of houses, earning a total commission of $1,082,400.

From that commission, she took home an estimated $811,800. Even though the finance side seemed great, Christine Quinn left Selling Sunset to “focus her attention on her other ventures.” But the question remains: is this the actual reason?

Is The Drama Really The Reason For Christine Leaving?

From explosive confrontations to bitter rivalries, the drama on Selling Sunset knows no bounds. And at the center of it all is the enigmatic Christine Quinn. But could the relentless office drama be the real catalyst behind her decision to leave the show?

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