How did Rhulani become the coach of the season when he took over Manqoba’s hard work?


On Twitter, a lady called ChrisExcell posted and said How did that fraud Rhulani become the coach of the season when he took over Manqoba’s hard work. Her post caused a stir on social media as it went viral, and a lot of people reacted in many different ways to what she posted and said. The Coach of the Season award has been a topic of debate, especially regarding Rhulani’s consistent win record over the past few years. Is it a fair representation of his coaching abilities? Let’s dive deeper into the controversy and analyze the situation.

Rhulani’s Success as Coach of the Season

Rhulani has undeniably achieved remarkable success as the Coach of the Season, winning the prestigious award multiple times. His accomplishments have raised eyebrows and triggered discussions among football enthusiasts. Within the last five years, Rhulani has secured the title four times, establishing himself as one of the most recognized coaches in the league. However, some argue that winning the award isn’t as challenging for him as it should be.

Comparison to Manqoba’s Hard Work

Before Rhulani took over, Manqoba had left an indelible mark on the Sundowns as their coach. His tenure was characterized by notable achievements, successful campaigns, and trophies won. It’s important to acknowledge the foundation and hard work laid by Manqoba, as Rhulani inherited the team’s momentum and achievements. Comparing Rhulani’s success to Manqoba’s contributions sheds light on the controversy surrounding his Coach of the Season accolades.

Criticisms and Reactions

The Twitter post by ChrisExcell sparked numerous reactions on social media, with people expressing diverse opinions regarding Rhulani’s selection as the Coach of the Season. Some individuals questioned the fairness of his continuous triumphs, labeling him a fraud. The argument centers around the belief that Rhulani’s accolades don’t adequately reflect his coaching abilities, as he inherited a team already on a path to success.

Sundowns’ Performance under Rhulani

Analyzing the Sundowns’ performance under Rhulani’s coaching tenure is crucial to understanding the controversy. While he has consistently won the Coach of the Season award, critics argue that the team’s overall performance and trophy count haven’t lived up to expectations. Comparisons to previous coaches raise concerns about the standards and whether they are declining under Rhulani’s leadership.

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