Cyril Exposes Tintswalo Online After This Happened


During a recent address to supporters in Langa, Western Cape, ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa highlighted the achievements of the ANC and shared an inspiring story about a young woman named Tintswalo. According to President Ramaphosa, Tintswalo is a fighter pilot who flies a fighter jet capable of releasing a bomb that can reach a target about 50 kilometers away.

President Ramaphosa emphasized that Tintswalo’s ability to fly a fighter jet and carry out such critical missions represents progress and empowerment in post-apartheid South Africa. He noted that under the oppressive regime of apartheid, individuals like Tintswalo would have been denied the opportunity to pursue such careers and contribute to the country’s defense forces.

The president’s mention of Tintswalo serves as an example of the ANC’s commitment to creating a more inclusive and equal society. By empowering young women like Tintswalo to excel in traditionally male-dominated fields, the ANC aims to break down barriers and provide opportunities for all South Africans.

President Ramaphosa’s speech in Langa highlights the ANC’s focus on celebrating the achievements of individuals who have overcome historical injustices and embracing a future that offers equal opportunities for all citizens, regardless of their background.

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