Unexpected | Sifiso Hlanti regret joining Kaizer Chiefs? See what he told the media.


Sifiso Hlanti, a fullback for the Kaizer Chiefs, has recently spoken out about leaving Bafana Bafana. Despite establishing himself as a regular at the national level, Hlanti has not been included in the national team lineup since October 2021. In this article, we will explore Hlanti’s departure from the national team and his current situation with the Kaizer Chiefs.

Hlanti’s Departure from Bafana Bafana

A Look at Hlanti’s Success with Bafana Bafana

Hlanti had been starting to establish himself as a regular at the national level. With 24 caps, he was becoming an important player for Bafana Bafana. However, in October 2021, he was left out of the national team lineup.

The Reason for Hlanti’s Exclusion

It is unclear why Hlanti was left out of the national team lineup, but it may be due to his team’s uneven play. The Kaizer Chiefs have been having defensive issues, making elementary mistakes and giving up ridiculous goals. So far this season, they have allowed 37 goals across all competitions. However, Hlanti, 33, has been among the best performers.

Hlanti’s Thoughts on His Departure

Hlanti claims that the coach made the decision, and everyone agreed that he would keep working hard at the club level. “There is always rivalry in this football game. No one holds the position in my eyes,” Hlanti stated. “The coaches always make their own decisions; we have no control over the circumstances. As players, our major goal is to perform well on the field of play and exert every effort to accomplish so.

Hlanti’s Current Situation with the Kaizer Chiefs

Hlanti’s Performance with the Kaizer Chiefs

Despite the Kaizer Chiefs’ defensive issues, Hlanti has been among the best performers. He has been playing well and contributing to the team’s success.

Hlanti’s Regrets

However, Hlanti recently expressed regret at joining the Kaizer Chiefs. He stated that he had hoped to win more trophies with the team, but it has not worked out as he had hoped.

Hlanti’s Future with the Kaizer Chiefs

It is unclear what the future holds for Hlanti with the Kaizer Chiefs. He is currently under contract with the team, but it remains to be seen whether he will remain with them or move on to another club.

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