Rulani Mokwena Breaks Silence and Claps Back at Pirate Fans


In the world of football, few coaches have made as big of an impact as Rulani Mokwena. With his tactical prowess and commitment to beautiful football, he has transformed Mamelodi Sundowns into one of the most formidable teams in Africa. Despite their success, recent criticism and questionable awards have put Mokwena and his team under scrutiny. In response to the backlash, Mokwena has broken his silence and delivered a passionate reply, further fueling the rift between him and Orlando Pirates supporters.

The Unfortunate End to the Season

Mamelodi Sundowns had an impressive season, but their unfortunate string of results towards the end meant they missed out on potential quadruple glory, securing only the league title. This outcome led to a heavy barrage of criticism directed at Mokwena and the team. The disappointment was further compounded by the questionable awards received at the DSTV Premier League end-of-the-year ceremony.

A Clean Sweep at the DSTV Premier League Awards

At the DSTV Premier League awards, Mamelodi Sundowns made a clean sweep. Monnapule Saleng, the talented striker, was expected to win the coveted Footballer of the Season award due to his exceptional performance. However, it was Mokwena who walked away with the title, while Saleng had to settle for second place. The controversy surrounding this decision fueled the already tense atmosphere.

Mokwena’s Response

Facing criticism and the wrath of Orlando Pirates supporters, Mokwena decided to address the situation directly. In his reply, he emphasized that the Footballer of the Season award is not solely about scoring goals and providing assists. Mokwena firmly believed that he deserved the accolade due to the different criteria, measurements, and dynamics used to determine the best performer of the season. He defended his victory and expressed his opinion that no one deserved it more than him.

The Case for Saleng

Monnapule Saleng had a remarkable season, leading his team to two domestic silverware victories and securing a spot in the CAF Champions League. His contributions in terms of goals and assists across all competitions were nothing short of spectacular. Many football fans and experts expected him to claim the award, making the decision in favor of Mokwena even more controversial.

The Rift Between Mokwena and Orlando Pirates Supporters

The clash between Rulani Mokwena and Orlando Pirates supporters has intensified following the controversial award decision. Fans of the opposing team feel strongly that Saleng was robbed of the recognition he deserved. This disagreement has further deepened the divide between Mokwena and the Pirates faithful.

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