PUTIN: This Will Be The End Of Dollar


In a recent statement, Russian President Vladimir Putin hinted at potential implications for the US dollar if oil-producing nations in the Middle East were to transition away from using the currency for oil transactions. Putin’s comments raised discussions regarding the future of the dollar’s dominance as the global reserve currency.

Traditionally, the US dollar has been the primary currency utilized in international oil trading, bolstering its status as the world’s leading reserve currency. However, a shift by major oil producers in the Middle East towards alternative currencies or mechanisms for oil transactions could diminish the demand for the US dollar in global markets. This scenario could potentially weaken the dollar’s position and have broader consequences for the global financial system.

It is important to acknowledge that any move away from the US dollar in oil transactions would involve complex geopolitical and economic factors, making the process multifaceted and influenced by various interests. Moreover, the US dollar’s status as a reserve currency rests on factors such as the stability and size of the US economy, the liquidity and depth of its financial markets, and the trust and confidence placed in the currency by global investors and central banks.

While statements made by political leaders, including President Putin, can shape discussions and debates, the future of the US dollar as the global reserve currency remains uncertain and subject to ongoing developments influenced by a range of economic, political, and geopolitical factors.

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