UNBELIEVABLE: Lady Du Faces Backlash for Comment on Tyla’s Dress at Met Gala 2024


Lady Du, the Grammy-award-winning Amapiano vocalist, has found herself facing criticism and backlash on social media following her comment about Tyla’s dress at the Met Gala 2024. Tyla’s sand-inspired dress by Balmain had garnered attention and praise, but Lady Du expressed her disapproval, suggesting that Tyla should have worn an African print or a Maxhosa design instead.

Lady Du’s comment quickly sparked a wave of negative reactions from social media users. Many criticized her for voicing her opinion on Tyla’s outfit while having questionable fashion choices of her own. Some users pointed out the irony of Lady Du’s comment, highlighting that she herself has been seen wearing outfits that have been deemed questionable or unfitting for certain occasions.

The backlash against Lady Du demonstrates the power and influence of social media in shaping public opinion. Users were quick to call out what they perceived as hypocrisy and questioned Lady Du’s credibility to critique someone else’s fashion choices.

While opinions on fashion are subjective, the incident serves as a reminder that public figures can face scrutiny and criticism for their comments, especially when they appear to contradict their own actions or style.

It remains to be seen how Lady Du will respond to the backlash and whether she will address the criticism publicly. In the world of social media, public figures often face both support and backlash, and it is up to them to navigate such situations and manage their public image.

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