JUST IN: Ivirn Khoza and Riveiro face backlash from Pirate fans


In recent weeks, the Orlando Pirates fanbase has been filled with adulation for their Portuguese coach, Jose Riviero. His success in securing two trophies and a Champions League spot has reignited the glory days of the club, elevating its status within South African football.

However, the atmosphere has started to sour as fans express their concerns over what they perceive as poor decision-making by Riviero and the board, particularly during the ongoing transfer window.

Following the Nedbank cup celebration, murmurs of discontent started circulating among the Orlando Pirates faithful. Some fans voiced their apprehensions about the club’s transfer activity, fearing that the team was heading down the same path as Mamelodi Sundowns, another prominent South African football club.

One concerned supporter expressed their dismay, saying, “I don’t like this, now Orlando Pirates is killing South African football just like Mamelodi Sundowns. They are just signing players for fun.” These sentiments reflect the worries of fans who believe that the influx of new players might lead to existing talents languishing on the bench and eventually being released when their contracts expire.

According to various media reports, Ts Galaxy midfielder Bathusi Aubass has reached a personal agreement with Orlando Pirates. However, an official bid from the club is still pending. While Aubass is undoubtedly a talented player, many fans question the need for his addition, considering the already impressive talent pool within the club, particularly in his position.

The concern arises from the potential fate that awaits Aubass and other players signing for Orlando Pirates during this transfer window. Fans fear that they might suffer a similar fate to players at Mamelodi Sundowns, who often find themselves benched for extended periods, waiting for their chance to shine. Moreover, when their contracts expire, there is no guarantee of renewal.

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