‘I can’t take it anymore’ – PSL star cries out for help


A PSL star has reached a point where he feels neglected by his former side after suffering a severe foot injury back in 2021. The player is now fearing he won’t be able to return from the injury as his former side is not willing to cover the costs of wire removal on his knee. And since then, the injury has forced him to be on the sidelines for almost two years now.


In the world of professional football, injuries are an unfortunate reality that players have to face. However, what happens when an injury becomes more than just a physical setback? For Jemondre Dickens, a PSL (Premier Soccer League) star, his injury has taken a toll not only on his body but also on his emotional well-being. In this article, we will delve into Dickens’ struggle for recovery and the neglect he feels from his former side, Chippa United.

The Injury and Neglect

Dickens, a talented right-winger, joined Chippa United in August 2021 from the Motsepe Foundation Championship side Baroka FC. His career seemed promising until tragedy struck in December 2021 when he suffered a severe knee injury. The injury was debilitating, leaving him on the sidelines and unable to contribute to his team’s success.

The real issue, however, lies in the aftermath of the injury. Dickens claims that Chippa United has refused to cover the costs of wire removal on his knee, which is crucial for his recovery. Despite the club’s responsibility to support their players, Dickens feels neglected and abandoned in his time of need. As a result, he faces the possibility of being unable to return to the sport he loves.

The Wire Removal Costs

The removal of wires from Dickens’ knee is a necessary medical procedure to aid his recovery process. Unfortunately, Chippa United has turned a blind eye to his pleas for assistance. Dickens has diligently submitted all the necessary documents detailing the cost of the wire removal, which amounts to R50,000. However, the PSL side has yet to pay the doctor’s order, preventing Dickens from proceeding with the much-needed wire removal.

Dickens’ Experience

Dickens opened up about his experience, expressing his frustration and disappointment with Chippa United’s lack of response. In an interview with FARPost, he shared his sentiments, stating, “I’m still waiting for them to pay for the removal of the wires. I still have the wires in my knee. I have forwarded them the receipts stating how much it will cost for the wire removal. But they don’t say anything.”

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