Coach Rhulani Mokoena & Khuliso Mudau Were Fighting


Coach Rhulani Mokoena and his team’s performance in the recent Champions League have caught the attention of football enthusiasts worldwide. With a remarkable record of not losing a single game, Coach Rhulani has displayed his tactical genius and his ability to lead his team to great success. However, it is not just his team’s performance that has gained him recognition; his dedication to hard work and his unique coaching philosophy have also contributed to his growing popularity.

Coach Rhulani Mokoena’s Success

Coach Rhulani Mokoena’s success story is one that continues to inspire many. Despite his team’s early exit from the Champions League, the football world is buzzing with praise for his exceptional coaching skills. His ability to strategize and make tactical decisions has been hailed as one of the best in the African continent.

Khuliso Mudau’s Perspective

Khuliso Mudau, one of the players under Coach Rhulani’s guidance, has recently shared his thoughts on working with the esteemed coach. According to Mudau, Coach Rhulani possesses a unique playing philosophy that resonates with his players. Mudau was among the first to acknowledge that he would be a perfect fit for the style of play adopted by Mamelodi Sundowns, thanks to Coach Rhulani’s guidance.

The Clash between Rhulani Mokoena and Khuliso Mudau

Recently, there was news of a heated exchange between Coach Rhulani Mokoena and Khuliso Mudau. The two individuals were involved in a fight, which surprised many considering their previous camaraderie. However, it is essential to note that the details of the disagreement were not revealed by either party. Despite the fight, the coach and Mudau quickly forgave each other, demonstrating the strength of their relationship and their shared commitment to the team’s success.

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