Authorities launch a manhunt for a very dangerous prisoner in the US


July 8 (UPI) — Law enforcement agencies at the federal, state, and local levels are currently engaged in an intensive search for a highly dangerous suspect who escaped from a correctional facility in northwestern Pennsylvania. The individual in question is Michael Charles Burham, a 34-year-old man who was discovered missing from his cell at Warren County Jail in Warren, Pa., early Friday. Burham had been detained on charges of arson and burglary, according to a press release issued by the Jamestown, Pa., Police Department.

The escapee, Burham, is not only a suspect in a homicide investigation in Jamestown but is also believed to be connected to a previous carjacking and kidnapping incident involving a local couple while attempting to evade capture, the police department stated.

Law enforcement agencies have labeled Burham as “very dangerous” and have urged the public to exercise vigilance and report any suspicious activities or information. Burham had previously evaded authorities during a manhunt that led them to South Carolina earlier this year. He was eventually apprehended on May 24. The FBI reported that Burham had been on the run after allegedly committing a series of crimes in New York and Pennsylvania, including rape and unlawful imprisonment.

Additionally, Burham was wanted for the kidnapping of an elderly couple in Pennsylvania. Allegedly, he abducted the couple from their home, transported them to North Charleston, S.C., and subsequently released them unharmed.

Justin Gould, spokesman for Chautauqua County, N.Y., stated in a media release, “The search for Michael Burham continues Saturday morning.” He further explained that law enforcement personnel from various agencies have diligently pursued leads and possible sightings throughout Friday and the overnight period. A reported tip regarding a police standoff on Water Street in Warren, Pa., was investigated but ultimately deemed unfounded.

“Our courageous investigators will persist in their search for Burham in both New York and Pennsylvania until the suspect can be apprehended and brought to justice,” Gould affirmed.

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