Agent Clarifies Manqoba Mngqithi’s Mamelodi Sundowns Contract (SEE)


Several media sources, including SABC Sport, reported that Manqoba Mngqithi’s contract with the Mamelodi Sundowns was ending soon and would not be renewed after 30 June.

This information sparked rumors that Manqoba Mngqithi would depart from Sundowns after the 2022/23 season was over.

The future of Manqoba Mngqithi’s position as coach for the Mamelodi Sundowns has recently come under scrutiny, with various media outlets reporting that his contract with the club is nearing its end. These reports have led to widespread speculation about Mngqithi’s potential departure from Sundowns once the current season concludes. However, a statement from Mngqithi’s agent, Mike Makaab, aims to clarify the situation and shed light on the coach’s contractual status.

Contract Clarification

Contrary to the rumors circulating in the media, Manqoba Mngqithi’s contract with the Mamelodi Sundowns extends beyond the speculated expiration date.

According to Mike Makaab, Mngqithi is contracted to the club until 30 June 2024, ensuring his presence for another season.

Makaab emphasizes that Mngqithi is content with his position at Mamelodi Sundowns, and unless there are unforeseen changes, he will continue to serve as the coach in the upcoming season.

This clarification from Mngqithi’s agent provides reassurance to fans and dispels the uncertainty surrounding his future with the club.

Mngqithi’s Personality and Bench Presence

Observers have noted that Manqoba Mngqithi often appears isolated and reserved on the bench during matches. This seemingly introverted demeanor has become somewhat synonymous with his coaching style and personality.

While his reserved nature might create an impression of distance or detachment, it is crucial to acknowledge that Mngqithi’s approach is a reflection of his character rather than an indication of any discontentment within the team.

Rumors and Strategic Team Changes

The rumors linking Manqoba Mngqithi to other DStv Premiership teams, such as AmaZulu and Kaizer Chiefs, have gained traction in recent times. These speculations have been fueled by the strategic team changes made by the Mamelodi Sundowns, particularly the promotion of Steve Komphela to the role of first team coach.

Such shifts within the team structure can naturally lead to conjecture regarding potential departures and transfers. However, Mike Makaab dismisses these rumors, stating that there have been no official talks or formal approaches from other teams regarding Mngqithi’s services.

Mike Makaab’s Statement

In addressing the ongoing speculations, Mike Makaab affirms Mngqithi’s professionalism and characterizes him as a soft-spoken and committed individual. Makaab acknowledges the reports that have been circulating, suggesting that where there’s smoke, there’s potentially fire.

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